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Penguini The Penguin SD

Penguini The Penguin SD
Penguini The Penguin SD l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 42.90MB
Developers: FishBowl Games | Language:English

Penguini The Penguin - A line-drawing puzzle-solving game... WITH PENGUINS!!!
***This is the Standard Definition Version***
Dive into the world of Penguini The Penguin where you help our small hero
navigate a world full of obstacles in order to help him reach Antarctica.
Conquer the concrete jungle, Master the dunes of the desert, and paddle your way to victory in the forest in order to reach your objective.
• Story mode that includes puzzles for you to scratch your head on
• Sandbox mode for you to try and do outrageous things to Penguini and to experiment
• 3 Worlds, 10 levels in each world for a total of 30 levels.
• Fast-paced, high-flying adventure.
• Each world comes with fresh art and music.
• Gradual increase in puzzle difficulty.
• Art from Petros Afhsar and Sammi Swar
• Music from TEMPHUiBIS
• Using one finger, draw a line connecting your start platform to your end platform
• If the end platform is outside view of your camera, while holding down the camera button, drag with your other finger until you can continue drawing your line or until the end platform is within view.
• Press Start in order to test your solution. Hit Retry if Penguini stops moving in your solution.
Note: The screenshots are from the HD version of the game. The SD version looks similar but with lower resolution textures. The SD version was designed to help support older devices. If your phone is able to run it we recommend the HD version.
Penguini The Penguin SD
Penguini The Penguin SD

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