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Nebula Retro

Nebula Retro
Nebula Retro l Version: 1.3 | Size: 16.57MB
Developers: Simple Interactive | Language: English 

Nebula Retro is a fun, puzzle platform game with a stylish space-age theme and cool music! It is a simple but addictive platformer in the tradition of ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 games from the 1980s golden age! Nebula's simplicity belies a sophisticated physics engine, super smooth animation and pixel-perfect touch controls, making the game enjoyable and satisfying -- the perfect recipe for casual play!
Levels are fully editable: as soon as you complete a level, you can edit it. You can edit levels while you continue to play making it easy to test jumps etc. You can add your own levels too without limit, making Nebula almost infinitely expandable. In future updates we will add more levels and provide ways to share levels with your friends.
IMPORTANT NOTE: To jump further press jump then direction key (e.g. press "jump left" then immediately press "left". You can slide your finger down if you like). Sorry, I didn't make this clear enough in the game instructions. Any questions, please email.

Game Features:
* 26 built-in levels (+ add your own!)
* Realistic physics engine
* Squash baddies with falling crates
* Anti gravity & Rocket boost
* Touch sensitive platforms
* Edit existing levels and add new ones
* Three graphics modes, Space, Xmas and 8 bit.
* 4 ambient/techno soundtracks for a cool, spacey feeling!
Nebula Retro
Nebula Retro
Nebula Retro
Nebula Retro

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