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Cadoosh (BETA)

Cadosh(BETA) - Enter the dreamland
Oeo has fallen asleep and entered the dimension between nightmares and dreams. Guide him as he sleeps on his dream cloud. Avoid letting the dream time end by making quick and decisive decisions. It is your job to save Oeo and save him from impending doom!
-Fly through clouds
-Avoid saws

Cadoosh is currently in its beta state. Although it has come a long way, it still has much more to go. Every single downloads helps. Improvements to the game and features such as sounds, music, powerups, character customizations upgrades and many more elements will help make this game the best it can be. Help test the game and point out any errors or suggestions. Receive future updates and watch the game grow. Thank you for your help and enjoy your playing experience!
Future Updates:
-Different modes
-Much much more
Support/Contact Email: [email protected]
Cadoosh (BETA)
Cadoosh (BETA)

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