ZooCross l Version: 1.0.11 | Size: 18.64MB
Developers: Redpig Co., Ltd. | Language: English

* The game is a free version. *
How many blocks can you make clear in short time of 60 seconds?
ZooCross is a new game developed for the users who are enjoyed the puzzle games.
★ The points of the game ★
▶ Move the entire of one line.
Drag a line and move the entirety
Connect 3 or more blocks by moving the lines vertically or horizontally.
The connected blocks then explode with spectacular visual effect.
▶ Cute design and spectacular visual effects.
The blocks what cute and lovely bears explode along with refreshing visual effects
▶ 60 seconds of sweating play
Do you get bored of game with long time play?
ZooCross only takes 60 seconds for one play.
▶ How to play the game well.
As soon as possible match the blocks, the game speed is faster. So more and more quickly you can match blocks.
When the fever gauge is filled, the fever mode is activated and additional explosions occur.
▶ Facebook friend rankings
What rank am I amongst my facebook friends?
ZooCross scores are shared amongst those who play the game within the facebook friends.
It’s not difficult to be ranked on top with this game.
▶ Lucky dart system what you can obtain free coins
Free darts are given every day. Don’t miss the good fortune of up to 100000 coins.

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