Dino Island

Dino Island
Dino Island l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 13.67MB
Developers: DOODLE MOBILE INC | Language: English

Dino Island is a totally new raising experience with smooth controls lovingly handcrafted for your Android phones and tablets.
Welcome to Dino Island and experience the peaceful, simple life of raising your dinosaurs from babies to epic adults and breeding them to discover rare dinosaurs! Are you ready to start this exciting adventure in Dino Island now? Living dinosaurs are waiting for you!
Game Features:
- Hundreds of dinosaurs with 10 different properties: Fire, Ice, Rock, Air, Plant, Jewel, Machine, Undead & Alien
- Dozens of habitats where you can always go back to collect coins
- Breed different dinosaurs to raise new hybrid dinosaurs
- Grow magical delicious food for your dinosaurs
- Beautify your islands with 15 colorful decorations
- Enjoy stunning hi-res artwork and sparkling animation
- Visit friend's islands and trade gifts to help them to raise dinosaurs
Dino Island
Dino Island
Dino Island
Dino Island

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