Real Drum

Real Drum
Real Drum l Version: 3.4 | Size: 5.68MB
Developers: Rodrigo Kolb | Language: English

Real Drum - Drumming to Android
The most fun experience in drumming to Android!
Drum kit with acoustic percussion sounds.
To play live music.
* Multitouch
* 13 drum pads
* Complete acoustic drum kit
* 15 realistic drum sounds
* Studio audio quality
* Instruments like kick, bass, snare, tom, floor, cymbal, hi-hat, ride, crash, splash, bell and china
* A perfect real drum set
* 10 examples of rhythms
* Record mode
* Play in loop
* Rename recordings
* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images)
* Free
The best battery pad style on the Google Play!
For drummers, percussionists, musician, performers and artists!
Real Drum
Real Drum
Real Drum

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