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Doodle Balls Thxgivin

Doodle Balls Thxgivin
Doodle Balls Thxgivin l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 14.06MB
Developers: net mobile AG | Language: English

Doodle Balls Thxgivin is the latest version of your favorite color matching puzzle game. Just as before it's packed full of exciting and addictive game play with completely new themes matching this years’ Thanksgiving season.
The game play is the same with the original Doodle Balls: When a group of 4 colored balls touch, they will pop and an avalanche of new balls will tumble in to take their place. Quickly and strategically tap out balls to set up your next match and add to an ever growing combo by consecutively creating matches.
But keep an eye on the Danger Bar, every tap brings you a little bit close to game over. Tapping balls will make the Danger ball fill up and the game will be over. But don’t worry, there is of course a solution, the more colors you match and the more points you score, the more the Danger bar will drop again.
There is a variety of special balls that will spice up the game play as they might explode or call in a storm to mix things up.
2 extra game modes: Shuffle mode and Injection mode.
In the Shuffle mode you can drag and drop balls from one position to another and match them more efficiently.
In the Injection mode, you can drag a ball that pops up in the upper corner into the pile of balls and drop it wherever it’s most useful.
1. Choose from 3 exciting modes, each with their own unique game play: Classic/Shuffle/Injection Mode.
2. - 8 all new Thanksgiving themes, each with different design, music, colors, etc.
3. - Varieties of special balls that may explode, call in a storm to mix things up, or allow you to push balls around
4. - Color-blind friendly
5. - Realistic physics
6. - Accelerometer control, just by tilting your phone you have complete control over the game play and can influence it to your advantage.
7. - A Global High Score System – online all over the world
8. - Easy to learn addictive game play.
Doodle Balls Thxgivin
Doodle Balls Thxgivin
Doodle Balls Thxgivin
Doodle Balls Thxgivin

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