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Monster Smasher

Monster Smasher
Monster Smasher l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 23.40MB
Developers: PlayScape | Language: English

The story of Monster Smasher...
The creators of Ninja Chicken and Ninja Chicken Ooga Booga, bring you Monster Smasher!
This is a story about a small village, where monsters-like creatures live. These creatures are called Munchers & Gombies. The Munchers are small, fat and funny creatures that love to eat all kinds of good food and LOVE to make pranks to each other. The Gombies are evil creatures that hate the Munchers and love to eat all kinds of awkward stuff, like metal, rust and wood.
One day the evil Gombies decided to curse the Munchers and create an evil potion that turns them into evil monsters. They added the evil potion to the Munchers' food and every Muncher that ate it became an evil monster, serving the evil Gombies on their mission to destroy all the cute Munchers in the world!
The only hope the Munchers have is a brave little guy called Munch, that finally have a chance to prove to his Muncher friends, who made a habit of making fun of him, that he is a true hero that can save the day!
Want to help Munch to remove the Gombies curse? All you need to do is smash the monsters to save the Munchers! So are you game?
How to Play
• Tap or swipe the monsters on the screen
• Collect the loot that drops from the monsters
• Avoid the different traps
• Enjoy & have fun!
• Story mode with 30 levels across 6 chapters
• 3 backgrounds in different locations (Lab, Garden and Sewers)
• 5 types of enemies
• 8 different tiles which change the gameplay
• Boosters - many different Boosters that can improve and change the gameplay dramatically (Burning Touch, Icy Ground, Madness Boxes, etc.)
• Store with many different interesting upgrades to buy (Munchers turn into Ninja Chickens, double coins in the games, etc.)
• 3 endless modes (Fighter, Monstrous, Baby)
• Daily Bonus – eat yummy food and get rewards every day!
• Trophy Room – play the game and collect various trophies for your fridge! From yummy cupcakes to amazing pizzas!
• Amazing Graphics
• Awesome Music and Sound Effects
• Many PlayScape Missions
Monster Smasher
Monster Smasher
Monster Smasher
Monster Smasher
Monster Smasher

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