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Sebastian VS Natives WAR

Sebastian VS Natives WAR
Sebastian VS Natives WAR l Version: 2.0 | Size: 20.09MB
Developers: GPILABS | Language: English

Sebastian the adventurer is at it again! This time at a virgin island full of natives attacking him...
Get ready to embark on an adventure filled game that will have you hooked from the start!
Your goal is to kill the natives so that Sebastian can continue his explorations.
Some of the main features include:
•Different types of weapons: These range from bow and arrow to gun or even grenades; depending on the challenge!
• Limited ammunition: As if the tasks weren't challenging enough, every level you have a limit amount of ammunition for different sorts of weapons
•Skills required: Not only will you need to shoot at the enemy, but you will also need to use your best physics and logistics skills to get rid of them in the most efficient way
•Amazing graphics!
•Addictive sound effects that will have you at the edge of your seat
•Challenging levels: The more you advance, the harder the challenge
Please help Sebastian! These natives are using witchcraft and any tool available to stop him; and only you can help him!
Sounds like an easy challenge? Prove it!
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Sebastian VS Natives WAR
Sebastian VS Natives WAR
Sebastian VS Natives WAR

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