Rhythm Box

Rhythm Box
Rhythm Box l Version: 1.0 | Size: 765KB
Developers: 遊樂黨 Yo!DawnLa | Language: English

Rhythm Box is here for you to have fun with music!
We provide simple method that you can draw line on the screen to play music. It is simple and fun to play!
If the build in sound is no match for your need, you can record your own sound to play. With the build in recorder you can record any sound you can imagine so be creative and amaze your friend! Beside recording with phone, you can also connect your phone to computer and copy sound file into game folder to gain richer sound experience!
For you who don't like to play the same rhythm over and over again, we implement the free play mode. Sound will be played only once under free play mode so you can try any combination anytime without doing all the erasing!
We also provide 16 save slot for you to expand the length of your music. It is possible to play the full song now!
Welcome to visit our FB if any problem or comment :)
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Rhythm Box
Rhythm Box
Rhythm Box

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