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Touch Detective 2 1/2

Touch Detective 2 1/2
Touch Detective 2 1/2 l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 25.17MB
Developers: BeeworksGames | Language: English

"Thanks for waiting... Again."
Newbie Detective Mackenzie and her assistant Funghi are at it again!!
"Touch Detective" tackles new and even stranger cases and mysteries!!
-Requires Android 2.3.3 or later
-Please note that Chapter 2 Part 2 and later are playable after purchase.
-In order to download and play this application (247MB), please secure as much free space as possible.
-The extension data file download will begin upon initial startup of the app. External (microSD, etc.)/internal storage may be used to unzip and save extension data file. Please be sure that you have enough space for storage.
-Some devices will transmit the extension data file to external storage after downloading the file to internal storage. Please check internal storage space if problems occur while downloading the application.
-A large amount of extension data will be downloaded upon initial startup. 3G connections can be cut due to transmission limitations, so we strongly recommend using Wi-Fi to download the extension data file.
-This application may not run properly when multiple applications are running simultaneously. If this happens, please quit the application and restart it.
- This application may not run smoothly depending on your device. The tutorial and the first half of Chapter 2 can be played for free. Please purchase the later chapters after playing the free part and confirming device compatibility.
- Later chapters can be played after purchasing them via in-app purchase. Please check price at the purchase screen within the application.
+[Chapter 1 – Chapter 2, Part 1] Free
+[Ch. 2 Part 2 – Ch. 3 Part 1]
+[Ch. 3 Part 2 – Ch. 4 Part 1]
+[Ch. 4 Part 2 – Ch. 5 Part 1-2]
+[Complete Collection (from Ch. 2 Part 2 on)]
-Please note that this application may not be downloadable due to OS updates.
-We are currently investigating the cause of the reported problems. We will release the bug-fixed updates as soon as the cause is found and solved.
■ The Android version of "2" has these amazing features:
- Includes the app-only "Funghi: The Interviews"!!
- Detective vs. Master Thief... The ultimate rival appears!? Plenty of new characters!!
- Refined graphics for Android!
■ "Touch Detective 2 1/2" (5 chapters in all)
- The 2nd installment of the original "Touch Adventure"!!
- The controls are simple...investigate suspicious items and people with a single touch!!
- The items and testimonies you collect are the keys to the mystery...apply your deductive skills and intuition to tough(?) cases!
- 5 completely new episodes!!
- Loaded with bonus scenarios, too!
■ Bonus: "Funghi: The Interviews" (4 chapters in all)
- A new app-only episode starring Funghi!!
- Funghi is the one who called all the people related to the case together!?
- Funghi is going to question the witnesses to prepare investigation report!!
- What task is Funghi burdened with!?
■ Get in "touch" with Mackenzie and Funghi with official contents!
- Special Site
- facebook fanpage
- Twitter
Touch Detective 2 1/2
Touch Detective 2 1/2
Touch Detective 2 1/2
Touch Detective 2 1/2
Touch Detective 2 1/2

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