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Illuminated Words

Illuminated Words
Illuminated Words l Version: 1.0 | Size: 27.82MB
Developers: Fungameco | Language: English

Illuminated Words is an addictive, ambient experience. Find words against the clock in a unique, fast paced word game. Tint the world with your words and collect colors to build up your color palette.
Illuminated Words is a new take on traditional word games. Longer words will form special blocks which will explode with color and help you on your way. Flow through many colors to a beautiful ambient soundtrack, challenging yourself to unlock all the shades.
Illuminated Words was inspired by those really satisfying color swatches you find in paint shops. As players play the game they will gradually unlock colors with names like Unmellow Yellow and Mango Tango and fill in and collect a color swatch on the front screen.
The game itself is a race against the clock to find words on a grid and collect as many colours as possible. Finding words will destroy the letters and start to tint the screen in a color. Longer words will create special blocks which will explode in a burst of color progressing things more quickly. The whole game is designed to be an ambient flow experience, with the visuals and music adapting to the game progress and the color currently being worked on.
Players of any ability level can enjoy Illuminated Words. The game can be played competitively to see which level (colors collected in one turn) can be achieved, but whichever level players reach they will unlock some new colours and continually progress through the game.
Illuminated words is a beautiful, highly polished adventure with letters. Chillout and Spell.
Listen to the beautifull ambient music as you flow through the game and train your brain to un scramble the soup of letters in front of you. Longer words will form awesome explosive specials which will crush all the blocks around them.
The game is a nice experience, and which being great at spelling will help you, anyone can progress, unlock colors and have fun with this word game. It is a rush to unlock a new colour by making a great word with a special letter and seeing everything light up (illuminate) in the color you are working on.
The colors in the game have some great names like Outrageous Orange, Candy Apple Red and Unmellow Yellow. It is great fun to free the colours and learn which names go with which tones. I always found those colour swatches at the paint shop really satisfying and that is the inspiration behind this game.
Illuminated words will be ideal for fans of crossword puzzles, scrabble and boggle. It challenges the brain of even the most hardened bookworm. with a bit of training you will be having fun beating you highscore and challenging your friends to beat it or find a longer word than you.
Seek the longest word in the alphabet mess and create a special color bomb. It is very satisfying to gradually reveal the whole colour swatch picture and free all the tones. Quiz your friends on where to go and puzzle over getting rid of difficult letters. If you guess a word it will light up in fire letting you know it is correct. The trick to getting the whole pic is to keep playing - each go will draw more of the pic.
So whether you love crosswords and puzzles or just like a nice ambient experience, there is something in this game for you. Illuminated Words, Chillout and Spell.
Praise for Illuminated Words
“It has the same chilled vibe as auralux or osmos, but is even more addictive” - 5/5
“You can see some similarities to spelltower, but this game does just about everything better” - 5/5
“I am ignoring my husband trying to get all the colors!” - 5/5
Illuminated Words is something special. Get it today and begin your saga. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GO!!!
Illuminated Words
Illuminated Words
Illuminated Words
Illuminated Words
Illuminated Words

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