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Relativity Wars Zero

Relativity Wars Zero
Relativity Wars Zero l Version: 1.6 | Size: 30.20MB
Developers: Fungameco | Language: English

Relativity Wars Zero is a FREE god-type strategy/action game, set in a universe which obeys Einstein’s theories of relativity!
While Relativity Wars uses some pretty crazy physics concepts you really don't need to understand them to play this game. Hopefully some physics will rub off as you are playing the game and you will suddenly start impressing* your friends in the pub** with phrases like "space/time continuum" and "time dilation".
* Please Note: Actual level of impressed may vary. Relativity Wars is not responsible for any lack of impression that may occur.
** bar, coffee shop, watering hole, street corner, etc, etc.
The Zero version of the game is completely free to play through the entire campaign, you'll be conquering the universe before you know it, and you might even learn a bit of science!
Note: Internet required to start only the first ever game session, after this the game can be played offline.
Praise for Relativity Wars
“Game of the month” - 9.5/10 -
“Relativity Wars is addictive and a lot of fun with a bit of science thrown into the mix” - 8.5/10 - TheAppleGoogle
“Relativity Wars is a unique take on real-time strategy games with a humorous personality as it incorporates several different scientific principles. This makes it an educational yet fun experience, something which I always welcome. “ - 4/5 - iFanzine
"What helps it to distinguish itself though is its use of physics, and its interesting take on space warfare. Who needs ships when it's possible to send a space/time wave across the galaxy to distort gravity?" - 4/5 - 148 apps
“Strategy Meets Science... Relativity Wars is worth your hard-earned cash!” - Tapscape
Thanks for playing!
Relativity wars takes epic real time strategy (RTS) to the next level. ( x 4 , four X or 4X style gameplay). You will be exploring the infinite galaxy and pushing back the frontline in the battle to defeat the squishian plague that is infecting the empire.
You will be learning about science and Einstein at the same time as having fun and this version is free! This is a great fun game for either sex, men, women, teenagers and adults alike, you will laugh at the humour and daft parts in the game. You will have a nice word to say about us. (Eg. “I can't believe this is free!“ - (Tom) ... “Man, this game is the awesome!” - (Keith) .... “I Love it!” - (Ben).. “the Toodians are super cute!” - (Gina)).
Strategy or RTS is all about making good command decisions and playing a great tactical game on each level. What is great about this game is the massive variety of levels and weapons witch are at your disposal. Also you will have epic battles in space as well as small scale ninja attacks on planets surface with your minion. Rock and roll baby! Explosions! Guns! Aliens! Die! this is way totally awesome. believe me its a rush!
The game contains exciting tower defense style levels. Build castles on your planets and defend your star with your space knights and beat the evil alien army that is trying to infect your planets. Sometimes who will win a battle on a planet comes down to a fruit machine style chance game. If the odds are despicable and stacked against you you can always run for it.
It is possible to play the game in a very open way like minecraft, building and exploring your galaxy and just letting your little charges live you their days in peace, or you can go straight for the kill and violent destruction of your enemies.
So this game includes many aspects inc heroes, space battles and tower defense saga. Life in relativity is an epic roller coaster of fun and the infinite universe is yours to conquer. And ALL THAT FOR FREE.. Don't be Dumb, you will be talking about us to your friends. This is one of the best games on google play. We should be No 1. Hopefully this game will bubble up through the charts and reach the masses! Download the game now!
Relativity Wars Zero
Relativity Wars Zero
Relativity Wars Zero
Relativity Wars Zero
Relativity Wars Zero

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