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Bubble Unblock

Bubble Unblock
Bubble Unblock l Version: 1.0 | Size: 13.50MB
Developers: AndCreations | Language: English

Challenge your mind with the exciting and addictive puzzles in Bubble Unblock!
Using the game's simple touch controls you will be moving bubbles of various colors to their corresponding field of the same color. Do you have what it takes to get three stars on all of the game's levels, unlock each of the achievements, and get your high score to the top of the global leaderboards?
Bubble Unblock is a fun puzzle game with simple rules and easy to learn controls. Move the colored bubbles around the game board to the field of the same color. The real challenge in Bubble Unblock is that bubbles can only be moved to its matching field if there is a path that is clear of other bubbles. The puzzle will be solved once all bubbles find their way to the field of the same color.
- Fun gameplay with colorful graphics
- 160 levels raging from easy to challenging
- Scoreloop integration
- Many achievements to unlock
- Global leaderboards
- Hours of exciting gameplay
- A relaxing musical score
Please note! The first 2 level packs are free. The other level packs are purchasable.
Bubble Unblock
Bubble Unblock
Bubble Unblock

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