Plingi l Version: 1.0 | Size: 36.34MB
Developers: Gambet Studio | Language: English

What can ruin your picnic? Rain, wind and of course, ants.
Well, the precious fruit tree that the Plingi spiders live off has come down with a bad case of ants.
Plingi is a direct successor of the free to play game Plingi Juggle.
It combines the fast and exiting arcade gameplay of Juggle with the strategic defending from the ants.
Defend the tree and your spiders from the relentless swarm of angry ants while simultaneously juggling the precious berries into the juice maker.
Collect the berries, upgrade your spiders and try to hold out against the ever increasing swarm of ants.
How Plingi works:
- The goal of the game is to purge the tree of the ants.
- You are placed in the role of the Plingi commander, juggle the fruit with the blue Plingi spiders holding the net while at the same time setting up your defenses.
- The berries you collect are used to buy various Plingi spiders that you can place on the tree.
- With nine slots available on the tree you can customize your defense to fit your game style.
- Use the stars you collect at the end of every level to upgrade your Plingi spiders and strengthen you defense.
Plingi game features:
- 12 engaging stages to clear
- Lightning fast arcade gameplay combined with the strategic tower-defense gameplay
- Vibrant hand-drawn graphics and a delightful soundtrack
Plingi is developed by Gambet Studio.

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