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Power of Coin

Power of Coin
Power of Coin l Version: 1.1.1 | Size: 29.12MB
Developers: PROPE,Ltd. | Language: English

Power of Coin is an arcade style medal pusher game. Tap the screen to shoot Coins.
The coins you acquire become your soldiers, and will automatically face off against Gods.
If your soldiers manage to succeed in defeating Gods, "God Slayer Time" will begin!
Chance to obtain a large amount of coin and prize!
The controls are simple!
To shoot your coins, simply tap the location you wish to target!
Acquire enough coins and a prize will appear!
Aim for the moving prize and shoot your coins!
Shoot well and the prize could be yours!
The more coins you sink, the more prizes you can win!
Collect one whole category of prizes to receive a prize bonus
for even more addictive gameplay.
○All you have to do is shoot!
Go ahead and shoot randomly
in whichever direction you like.
The movement of the coins can be unpredictable,
so let loose and have fun!
○Take aim before you shoot!
Shoot off coins like a sniper.
This is your chance to pick off
all the prizes and score big!
Choose the playing style that suits you best!
Currently free to download!!
Power of Coin
Power of Coin

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