Animal Find

Animal Find
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Lets see which of the Animals you can recognize?
The world is full of unique animals, and the Animal Find app lets your child discover them. This fun matching game designed for young children encourages learning through spoken word and picture association. The pleasant narration and beautifully animated graphics are sure to make this animal safari fun and educational.
Match the Animals
Facing a grid full of different kinds of cute animals, your child will listen for the cheerful narrator to speak an animal name. Simply touch the matching animal. A correct answer is awarded with a pleasant tone. The animal disappears from the grid of choices and another is added.
Find Animals helps to promote self-directed learning time. An incorrect choice results in a non-alarming buzz. After a few seconds, the animal will bounce to help your little tyke match it properly--without your help! As your child learns the animals, they'll be able respond to the animal names much more quickly and earn more stars.
From Boars to Narwhals
Your child will learn all kinds of exciting new animals. Animal Find sends your tyke searching for more than just cats, cows, monkeys, and tigers. It's easy to learn more specific and rare animals like the anglerfish, chameleon, narwhal, and antelope.
Play either of two game modes: Play All Day or Tik Tok. While playing in the timed mode, choose a difficulty mode of easy, medium, or hard. Choose the difficulty mode to match your child's age.
Animal Find will help to develop auditory, visual, and fine motor skills. Save scores and watch your little one improve. With beautifully illustrated animals and graphics, your child will stay engaged and entertained.

Very easy to learn and fun game
Beautifully illustrated animal images
Clear pronunciations
Aids self-learning with animated hints
Difficulty levels to match the abilities/age of your child
This app is also available for iPhone/iPad
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Animal Find
Animal Find
Animal Find

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