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Fruit Link HD

Fruit Link HD
Fruit Link HD l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 5.20MB
Developers: CronlyGames Inc. | Language: English

Classical Fruit Link HD from App Store, and now available on Android Market!
Grand Updates for version 2.0: Add two new game modes:
Timed Mode and Hell Mode!
Timed Mode: Initially 15 seconds, add 3 seconds after each match.
Hell Mode: 130 seconds time limit, and add a new pair of pictures for each 4 seconds.
Time is tight, Welcome players to have a challenge!
This is the hd version of the most popular Fruit Link Go game in App Store, it is played(including the flash versions) for over 100 million times world wide.
Compared to iphone version, it adds continuous hits!
Fruit Link Link Go, a very classic games to play.
Click on two same pictures/icons, if the lines connect them are not more than 3, and no touch on other pictures/icons, then these two pictures/icons are removed. There is TIME LIMIT for each level!
There are tips(you can use it in limited times) for you to play. And this game has 17 levels, the move way are different for each level;
It has also four difficulties, to distinguish the newbies with hard-core players.
Go and have a challenge!~
Fruit Link HD
Fruit Link HD
Fruit Link HD

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