Combo Cat

Combo Cat
Combo Cat l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 10.36MB
Developers: InterServ International Inc. | Language:English

Spin/shift runestones, nurture virtual pets and enjoy our thrill ride
Combat Cat is a 3D game with super-deformed characters that combines fancy moves for shifting the runestones around and an epic fighting style. You will venture into various stages recruiting Cat Warlords and collecting materials. Train your Cat Warlords, fight through different campaigns and events, and shift gears to get into the fun of Combo Cat!
● Story
Combo Cat integrates various legends and tales from Western cultures as well as Eastern Cultures such as China and Japan. Characters include cats and dragons. It’s a game that will satisfy RPG-loving gamers that enjoy shifting and dissolving runestones, and loves to be around cats!
You start in the Cat Hut and the story unfolds – “Our world has been devastated by monsters and dragons. We must find a way to survive. Please, lead us in our fight for survival!”
Follow the tutorial and select “Adventure”, then recruit teammates to begin your epic venture to save the world!
● Cute and attractive Cat Hut
. You’ll find all your Cat Warlords (pets) here. Click them to see them being cats and interact.
. You can see your new pets or pets that leveled up any time, as soon as you want.
. Enjoy to your heart’s content your pets mewing and playing and just being cats!
● Challenge stages for free and take on impossible difficulties
‧ The Cats are desperate and you’re their only hope to save their future from the monsters and dragons.
. Discover various difficulties, scenes and fighting techniques for fending off many types of monsters.
‧ In additional to regular stages, you’ll find special event stages with hyper difficulties. But beating hard stages means special rewards. So why not take them all on?
● Shift the runestones and power up to win
. Dissolving the runestones to power up your pals and reclaim the peace throughout the world.
. Play in combination with Warlord Skills to make different plays and speed up your attacks.
. Try out different Captain skills in combinations with other attacks.
● Collect various Warlords and develop them
. Assign your own lines to create custom teams and enjoy.
. Upgrade your Warlords (pets) to overcome difficult stages and get awards.
. Recruit stronger Warlords to help you defeat stronger foes (and enjoy them doing cat things)!
● Gorgeous battles and dynamic soundtrack + SFX
‧ The 3D battles in Combo Cats stand apart from the ones in other games. With dynamic soundtrack and SFX, your ears and eyes will thank you for the experience!
‧ Stimulating SFX of combos, skills and runestones dissolving is fun to enjoy.
‧ Latest generation game engines generate the best visual, sound, and control effects, making everything smooth.
● Coordinate across dimensions and be rewarded
. Get special rewards by connecting to MMORPG “Dimensions Online” and receive special pets!
. You can use your rewards from Combo Cat in MMORPG “Dimensions Online”.
. So enjoy MMO at home and continue your domination on Apps when you venture outside your home!
Combo Cat
Combo Cat
Combo Cat

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