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Wonder Witches

Wonder Witches
Wonder Witches l Version:1.2.1 | Size:7.21MB
Developers: Johann Digital Works | Language:English

Woohoooo! Welcome to the world of Wonder Witches! Collect magical potions, unlock witches with special broomsticks and enjoy the scenery. Watch out for clouds in the sky and most important, have fun!
-) Unlock additional witches
-) Broomsticks with magical powers
-) Changing backgrounds while you fly and progress through the world. Can you make it to the moon?
-) Collect potions to gain magical powers
-) Avoid bats and geese
-) Fun sound effects and graphics!
About the developer: Wonder Witches is built by Johann Digital Works, an indie dev. Design and implementation takes place at night and on weekends as the developer has a fulltime job. The creation is done out of the passion for games!
Enjoy the game and provide feedback and if you like it. Thanks and have fun playing!
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