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Rhythm Repeat

Rhythm Repeat
Rhythm Repeat l Version: 2.0 | Size: 18.27MB
Developers: ThreeLeggedEgg | Language:English

Are you a music lover? Prepare to interact with music in a whole new way with Rhythm Repeat!
Follow the sequence of colorful buttons and repeat them in the same order. Once you miss a note – you lose a life, as soon as you lose all lives – the Game is over! After repeating 2 sequences in a row you’ll be able to challenge yourself with visually stunning rhythm fever mode that will multiply your score!
Test your ability to keep up with the accelerating rhythm and enjoy the sound of your favorite instrument. With the unique music created for this game you will quickly become addicted!
- More than 300 authentic melodies and beats
- 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard
- 3 musical instruments: piano, drums, guitar
- Challenging fever mode to multiply your score
- Spectacular and incredibly stylized visuals
Sharpen your memory and train your music skills. It's time to prove who the real Rhythm Master is!
Rhythm Repeat
Rhythm Repeat
Rhythm Repeat

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