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Trials On The Beach Demo

Trials On The Beach Demo
Trials On The Beach Demo l Version:1.01 | Size:12.14MB
Developers: Caffeinated Marmot Studio | Language:English

Ride on the beach!
Practise motorcycle trials on a sandy beach in this new sport game!
Improve your technical skills during training sessions and try to win the competitions to unlock levels. Try to get all the gold medals in the time attack mode!
- Career and time attack modes
- 2 Physics modes: Arcade and simulation
- 4 training levels and 8 competition levels from different chapters of the full game
- Tilt controls or buttons or progressive touch control to lean back / forward

Full game:
- 4 chapters with 4 training levels and 8 competition levels
Chapter 1 : Welcome on the beach. Discover how to get over small obstacles and discover the world of competitions.
Chapter 2 : Going further... The difficulty increases, new obstacles are bigger... Would you succeed?
Chapter 3 : Release the brakes. Of course, that's you'll have to do to finish these levels! Bigger and longer!
Chapter 4 : Mastering the art. It's time for you to master the art!
Chapter 5 : Introducing Physics. About physics levels!
- finish 3 training levels to unlock the next competition
- finish 6 competition levels to unlock the next training session
- the start / finish and checkpoint lines must be crossed with the front wheel
- to get over a big obstacle, lean back with enough speed and when the back wheel collides, lean front quickly!

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*Music by Philippe H*
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Trials On The Beach Demo
Trials On The Beach Demo

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