Cubic Jump

Cubic Jump
Cubic Jump l Version: 1.0 | Size: 12.33MB
Developers: Voytech Interactive | Language: English

Cubic Jump is all about timing.
Cubic Jump is an awesome arcade retro-looking 2D platformer, to survive the level, jump around on cubes and stay away from the obstacles.
You simply tap to jump, you have to think before you jump on where you're going to land, and if you can make the next gap.
Each time you die you will respawn at the beginning of the level. Every time you die, counts as an "attempt", which you can see at the top of your screen.
The level will become more difficult the more you progress through it.
Cubic Jump is completely free and includes all 3 levels at no cost, and no other in-app purchases.
Your goal is to complete the level, and win the game.
While you're at it, listen to Cubic Jump's epic soundtrack and push your skills to the limit.
When playing you might want to take a break, then just pause the game and continue later !
The levels are built up by obstacles, which you should avoid at any cost.
Do you dare to challenge yourself with the almost impossible ?
Have you ever wanted a free impossible game ? Then Cubic Jump is the choice for you !
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Cubic Jump
Cubic Jump
Cubic Jump

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