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MineCraft Sweeper

MineCraft Sweeper
MineCraft Sweeper l Version:2.0 | Size:3.40MB
Developers: K.Misiunas | Language:English

MineCraft Sweeper is fan made minesweeper game with exciting theme and modes!
Game of mine sweeper with mathematical and logical elements set in a theme and modes that resemble MineCraft.
MineCraft Sweeper is fan made mine-sweeper game with an exciting Minecraft theme and refreshing new game mode to explore!
The game was featured on Kotaku:
You like MineCraft? So do we! This is a game for those who can't wait to play MineCraft again. It features 2D mine where you aim to gather as many resources as possible. But on your way you stumble upon zombies and creepers. Will you succeed to explore the mine and stay alive?
This is a minesweeper game. It is a logical puzzle game with elements of mathematics to it. The interface is custom designed for smartphone users - you can play for long periods or for brief moments while waiting for a friend. This game is also unique among other minesweeper games: there are multiple lives, hidden treasures and absurdly large maps. We hope you like it!
+ 3 game modes: Adventure, With Food, Classic
+ extremely large maps (if you like)
+ multiple lives (finally saved from accidental clicks)
+ online score system
+ zoom in/out
The game was tested on Nexus like devices. So phones with 800x480+ resolutions and with at least 1GHz processors should be able to play the game without any problems. The game will run on other devices but please let us know if you encounter any problems (via email please).
K.Misiunas and T.Misiunas (brothers)
MineCraft Sweeper
MineCraft Sweeper
MineCraft Sweeper

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