Neon Snap

Neon Snap
Neon Snap l Version: 1.3 | Size: 3.57MB
Developers: BipolarDesign | Language: English

Neon Snap - The Tetromino Puzzle Challenge
** Free demo also available! **
"Neon Snap is one of those games that soothes the mind just by looking it" -
Neon Snap is a simple but challenging game of pixel-art themed puzzles made from tetrominos! Each puzzle is made up of seven different piece types, which all snap together inside each level's grid to create pixel art shapes. Tap and drag pieces onto the grid, and rotate and move them around until they all snap together to complete each puzzle! Can you solve all 100+ levels?
- Solve puzzles with tetrominos!
- Simple to learn, anyone can play!
- Start at any difficulty, and play at your own pace!
- Over 100 levels!
- Featuring puzzles designed by Pixelated Cowboy!
- Looks awesome on the new Nexus 7!
Enjoy the brain twisting, tetromino spinning fun of Neon Snap!
Neon Snap
Neon Snap
Neon Snap

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