Pudding Pop

Pudding Pop
PuddingPop l Version: 1.3 | Size: 17.25MB
Developers: Pudding Workshop | Language: English

Pudding Pop is finally came in Google Play. Enjoy!!
2 Game Modes are available in Pudding Pop.
★★★★★Classic Mode★★★★★
Pop Puddings as much as you can to reach higher level!
★★★★★Freeze Mode★★★★★
Puddings are frozen. Save them as many as possible in 1 mintue!
Pop more puddings by 1 move, higher scores you get
2 Puddings by 1 pop = 1x
3 Puddings by 1 pop = 2x
4 Puddings by 1 pop = 4x
5 Puddings by 1 pop = 8x
6 Puddings by 1 pop = 12x
7 Puddings by 1 pop = 16x
8 Puddings by 1 pop = 20x
9 Puddings by 1 pop = 24x
10 Puddings or above by 1 pop = 30x
Save 6 or more puddings by 1 move will summon penguin. It will helps breaking ice to save more Puddings!
★★★★★Contact Us★★★★★
Email: pudin.workshop@gmail.com
Pudding Pop
Pudding Pop
Pudding Pop

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