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Crash drive smash zombies

Crash drive smash zombies
Crash drive smash zombies l Version: 1.1 | Size: 35.51MB
Developers: VascoGames | Language:English

Can you escape with your car from the hordes of zombies that will try to get you! Drive fast because you don’t earn to die in your car by a zombie attack. In this cool car crash drive game you need to get your car through the zombies to the other side of the levels successfully. You are a real rally car driver that knows how to drive over big hill climbs and steady drop downs. Jump your car over gaps.
Crash drive smash zombies is addicting and entertaining game about a car driver that tries to escape from a zombie apocalypse that has infected the world. And now these zombies are very hungry and looking for fresh brains. So get into your car and smash and crash your why trough the zombie infected levels successfully. Don’t let the zombies slow you down , hit and run them over as fast as possible. For zombie car game lovers crash drive smash zombies is super fun and easy to play.
If you like car games! And if you are a real crash car driver you’ll will surely love this crazy zombie smasher car game. Drive you own zombie apocalypse truck through the amazing levels with hill, jumps and more! Crash drive smash zombies is real racing havoc on the road have fun smashing zombies and good luck clearing the levels successfully.
This game is a challenge for even the most skilled uphill truck drivers Climbing the difficult roads with your truck is not an easy task! You need to collect all the goods that lay on the dirt roads for the zombie apocalypse survivors. Be careful driving around in the zombie infected levels not only the zombies are dangerous also the roads can be tricky.
Game controls
Lef paddle = Brake
Right paddle = Gas
Drive in this fun and challenging Crash drive smash zombies racing game, and the amazing truck that you can drive through the cool and challenging levels. We hope you will enjoy Monster Truck Racing Havoc and watch out for zombies!
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Good luck zombie smasher Fans!
Crash drive smash zombies
Crash drive smash zombies
Crash drive smash zombies

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