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4x4 Dirt Off Road Racing

4x4 Dirt Off Road Racing
4x4 Dirt Off Road Racing l Version: 1.2 | Size: 47.29MB
Developers: RetroGames Studio | Language: English

There is no way ...
Most racing games on android are classic races where there are roads with no potholes, and the starting mark and the finish line, if not pass on race tracks. But the real lovers of extreme sports such entertainment was not surprised, especially for fans of racing without roads and other restrictions created this game where you have complete freedom.
Machines ... are not.
If you drive on the road we have already had , here's such an unusual garage before we meet perhaps not ever , the fact that the choice of machines you will not , either free or for money. You will be given a basic machine , which can be uluchat at its discretion , add sills , snorkel chute , change color ... have noticed that all this does not affect the properties of the running ? A little later explain why. The whole point of the game is reduced to the discovery of new levels that do not have a particular variety, only features of the landscape . The game has only two driving modes , free, where you can indulge in anything is exploring the terrain and the race for the smoke alarm , it can be called a race in the truest sense of the word, because the passage of time is important. In free ride , too, there is a sense , you have to collect at various locations scattered items for which the cash equivalent and will have to buy upgrades for your iron horse.
Making and physics
Making locations is a strong point of this game , the scenery is really beautiful , although not very diverse . The creators of the game put a lot of effort to collect recurring items of a good-looking image . With the machine is doing worse , quite a simple model , for which no detail could be hooked eyes.
4x4 Dirt Off Road Racing
4x4 Dirt Off Road Racing
4x4 Dirt Off Road Racing

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