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Skyriders v1.0.3

Skyriders v1.0.3
Skyriders l Version:1.0.3 | Size:37.37 MB
Developers:Inverse Blue | Language:English

Navigate crazy tracks in this high-speed game mixing platforming and racing!
Inspired by classic games of the past, Skyriders is a fast-paced mix of platformer and racing game. Pilot a small spacecraft along crazy tracks in space, dodging and jumping obstacles, whilst trying to maintain a high speed by collecting the glowing stars and hitting the boost pads!
Keep the boost streak going for massive scores and flawless runs - but you'll need some well-timed switching between red and yellow to grab the matching stars!
Can you master the increasingly challenging stages, get the gold medal scores, and climb those leaderboards?
Skyriders v1.0.3
Skyriders v1.0.3
Skyriders v1.0.3

Game Features:
★ Simple controls (choose from tilt-to-steer or on-screen buttons)
★ 40 levels over 5 varied zones
★ Leaderboards and achievements (via Swarm)
★ Ship upgrades, to help you earn even bigger scores
★ Super smooth gameplay (60fps on newer devices)
★ Play the first zone for free!
(Then choose whether to upgrade to the full game for £1.49 (GBP)/ $1.99 (USD))
Note (20th Oct): If you want the full game, and the in-app-upgrade isn't working for you, there is now a separate 'Skyriders Complete' release of the full game available!

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