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Cops & Robbers - Car Game

Cops & Robbers - Car Game
Cops & Robbers - Car Game l Version: 1.2 | Size: 43.90MB
Developers: Puzzle Games - VascoGames | Language: English

Cops & Robbers - Car Game is a great game for kids with cars for kids. You will learn to start and drive a car, and in this police game it will be a police car. Kids will have fun driving around the screen and they will need to complete tasks to finish the level. Let them crash into other cars for kids in a fun and educational way so they will find their way. This puzzle game is very addictive, not even alone for kids but also for parents and toddlers. Solve the puzzle.
The missions in this police car game can be very challenging. Parents and kids can do this game at the same time to create some quality time. Start the police car by touching it and touch it again to let it stop. You do need to act in time before it’s too late and the car will crash. This car game for kids and parents is not too hard, but you will find challenges that are harder to finish. Good luck.
How do you play:
1. Tap the car to start it driving
2. Tap the car again to make it stop in the right spot. Choose the right moment to tap!
3. Destroy wood blocks by tapping them. Also here, choose the right moment.
4. Train your brain with this game by making the right decisions.
5. Crash into other cars to clear the level screen and accomplish the mission.
Game features:
- Easy to operate car game for kids, car game for children and parents.
- Nice cartoon graphics for playing this game with a smile on your face.
- 20 different levels, 20 difficult challenges to finish with the police car.
- Fun to play and free to play.
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Cops & Robbers - Car Game
Cops & Robbers - Car Game
Cops & Robbers - Car Game

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