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Jet Raiders Holiday Gift

Jet Raiders Holiday Gift
Jet Raiders Holiday Gift l Version: 1000000 | Size: 42.07MB
Developers: Byterush | Language: English 

- Incredible graphics - unleashes all the powers of the underlying GPUs.
- Three unique game modes - Classic, Time Attack and Infinity, each with unique features and characteristics.
- Five different environments - from classic river to apocaliptic ruins.
- Very easy and customizable steering system.
- Balanced and polished gameplay.
- Universal app - no matter what device you use - the app uses all its features.

"Jet Raiders is a solid top-down shooter with amazing graphics that almost outshine the gameplay..." - AppCraver
"All in all Jet Raiders is a high quality shooter. There is no nonsense and it’s all about making things explode..." - 148Apps
"Thrilling arcade shooter! Jet Raiders sets new graphic accents for arcade shooters and offers remarkable settings..." - AppZapp
"If you happened to enjoy your last foray into the genre, then you’ll not come away disappointed with Jet Raiders - quite the opposite in fact..." - TheiPhoneAppReview
"Patient players of Jet Raiders will be rewarded with a game that is fun..." - TapScape
Jet Raiders Holiday Gift
Jet Raiders Holiday Gift

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