Range Racer

Range Racer
Range Racer l Version: 1.1.3 | Size: 13.54MB
Developers: gambi mobile | Language:English

Drive your electric vehicle as far as you can until your battery gets empty.
Are you ready for a big dose of fun?
Maneuver your vehicle through the wild road traffic by simple lane changes, leave your opponents behind you and cover as many miles as you can.
Sound easy? Well, there's more.
You are driving an electric vehicle with a pretty limited range. To avoid a breakdown on the road due to an empty car battery, you have to collect energy items during the ride and charge the battery continuously.
In addition to that, you've got to battle other traffic participants who are blocking your way and prevent you from swift progress. Drive around these obstacles skillfully and always keep an eye on your speed. If you drive too fast and don't watch out for speed cameras you will be flashed. And don't forget to pay attention to dangerous goods vehicles. A crash has disastrous consequences.
During the ride collect useful items, which help you to proceed further and further. But be cautious. Not everything lying around on the street is worth gold. You will realize quickly which items you should drive around. If you collect some coins you can use them in the store, get upgrades and other useful things and cross previously unbreakable limits.
Enjoy colorful, awesome graphics and fancy sounds. Discover many varying road sections. Unlock attractive landscapes and compete with your facebook-friends and the rest of the world.
Are you ready for “Range Racer”?
Let's get it and hit the road!
Key features at one glance:
- easy intuitive control
- simple but highly addictive game play
- 4 great landscapes
- numerous upgrades
- 100 different traffic vehicles
- nice graphics and sound
- innovative leaderboards (wolrd, country, state, town, facebook-friends)
- scary prank feature, scare the hell out of your friends and capture their reaction on video through the front facing camera

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