Pipe Rider

Pipe Rider
Pipe Rider l Version: 47 | Size:22.07MB
Developers: Agens AS | Language:English

Fast paced racing in gas pipelines!
You are 1000 meters below sea level at the Ormen Lange gas field. Your objective is to race as fast as possible through the gas pipeline to the finish line in England.
You have to handle tough conditions. Use the antifreeze gun to shoot away ice slurry from the gas pipe and collect power-ups that can help you complete the race in time.
Reach the next checkpoint before your time runs out!
- Swipe left or right on the screen to control the ship!
- Tap on the screen to fire the antifreeze gun!
Play to set your personal record and try to reach the top of the global leaderboard!
Ormen Lange Pipe Rider is developed in cooperation with A/S Norske Shell and the Ormen Lange licence partners.
Pipe Rider
Pipe Rider
Pipe Rider
Pipe Rider

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