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Doom Buggy 3D Racing

Doom Buggy 3D Racing
Doom Buggy 3D Racing l Version: 1.2.1 | Size: 23.19MB
Developers: Atomotron_Mobile | Language: English

From Atomotron, this exciting, kart-style racing game is fast-paced and challenging: a true race of power and speed! Accelerate your buggy and pass the other racers - are you fast enough to win? Doom Buggy is a race like none-other, with stunning 3D graphics and speed beyond belief - Doom Buggy will keep you at the edge of your seat. Rip across wild roads and soar through the desert - use your device to steer the buggy past obstacles and head for the finish line!
Doom Buggy brings a whole new element to buggy racing: missiles! Use your missiles tactically to blast opponents off of the track - do you have the skill to win the race? Your missiles are limited; use them wisely! Equip the all-powerful mini-gun and obliterate other racers! Beware: you are not the only one with these abilities, you will have to dodge missile hits in order to stay alive!
Upgrade your buggy to be faster, better at handling, stronger and more in a quest to see who can drive the ultimate buggy! Also, you are able to upgrade your weapons to be even more devastating on the course. Simply collect in-game gems that will allow you to upgrade your buggy. Personalize, upgrade and hit the track!
Drive at speed, shoot at speed, win at speed - Doom Buggy!
- Fast-paced, challenging and exciting: everything that you want from a racing game!
- Awesome physics: see your buggy flip as you hit natural ramps!
- Amazing gameplay: rip through various worlds in a race of speed, agility and power!
- New elements: shoot the powerful mini gun or destroy opponents with lethal missiles!
- Upgrade: upgrade your buggy to suit you - will you be the best?
Doom Buggy 3D Racing
Doom Buggy 3D Racing
Doom Buggy 3D Racing

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