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Zombie Doom

Zombie Doom
Zombie Doom l Version: 1.1.9 | Size: 38.53MB
Developers: Mutant Bear Games | Language: English

Zombie Doom is a free FPS game inspired in Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, featuring zombies, mummies and aliens.
A bunch of evil aliens beamed down to start hell on Earth. Their plan: take humans as hostages and turn them into zombies and mummies, so that they can regain control of our planet.
Your mission? Shoot, shoot, shoot to stop the zombie tsunami!
p.s. This is not an static screen and "point to kill"! Real FPS game action like Doom!
==== Features ====
- 5 different weapons
- 36 levels
- Classic FPS game action like Doom 3 D and Wolfenstein 3D
- Rescue the hostages and protect them from hell.
- Zombies, Mummies and aliens. Don't let them doom our planet and convert it into hell!
Zombie Doom
Zombie Doom
Zombie Doom

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