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Head Hunter v1.3

Head Hunter v1.3
Head Hunter l Version:1.3 | Size:42.22 MB
Developers:Playware Studios | Language:English

Heavy shoot-slash-run-survive. 60stage, 5planet, upgrades, 60alien, 100weapon.
Head hunter is an intense shooting game where the player has to survive against endless hordes of aggressive aliens on hostile planets. Skill and wit along with an arsenal of deadly weapons will be required to annihilate the hordes of vicious enemies.
Each powerful weapon is devastating in its own unique way.
The Rapid Fire Rifle relentlessly pounds its target with a barrage of bullets,The Shotgun pumps out powerful slugs shredding through enemy lines, The Rocket Launcher disintegrates anything caught in the blast and last but not least The Seeker propels bullets that chase down any enemy target within range.
And for close eners we have the devastating Chain sword. A high power high energy blade that rips and shreds through anything in its path.
Challenging the player are various aliens, from mindless grunts, devastating razor bugs to giant shell bugs that ges in with amazing speed.
Be warned that obliterating multiple enemies will enrage the queen bug and no one has survived the a queens attack before.
Packed with great graphics, fast gameplay, huge number of levels. Head hunter will provide instant gratification to all shooter fans.
- 60 stages of non stop shooting and slicing, through 5 different planets.
- Level up and which skills to get the improvement.
- 100s of various fire arms and close combat weapons. For advent gun collectors.
- Fire arms can be upgraded to unleash more destructions and death.

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