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High Noon 2

High Noon 2
High Noon 2 l Version: | Size: 43.58MB
Developers: Happylatte | Language: English

Become a cowboy or cowgirl and build your reputation as a gunslinger shooting it out in one-on-one gun fights. Set in the wild west this action packed game let’s you test your shooting skills against the fastest guns in the world.
HIGH NOON 2 is a multiplayer game where you fight your friends or random opponents in real time fast paced gun fights. Your phone is your gun and with it you take your character from a greenhorn gunslinger through training practice where you learn to draw your gun, aim and shoot. Then you go out into High Noon Gulch where you face-off against other would-be gunslingers.


Use your phone as your gun and like a real cowboy holster, draw, aim and shoot. And when you are out of bullets don't forget to reload your gun! When you win a fight collect the silver reward on your opponent's head and in the process the reward on your head increases as does your experience.
In High Noon Gulch you’ll find a number of stores where you can equip your character. In the Western Wear store there’s a full range of clothes so you can turn your plain cowboy into anything from a well dressed sheriff to a mean looking desperado. As you level up you unlock more and better weapons so visit the Gun Store to arm yourself with more deadly guns. Whilst at the Indian Trading Post you’ll find other items which can either confuse your enemy or offer you extra protection in gun fights.
- Play a cowboy or cowgirl
- Customise your character with weapons and clothes from the wild west
- Choose your weapon and items going into gun fights
- Compete to increase the bounty on your head
See you in the Saloon gunslinger!
High Noon 2
High Noon 2
High Noon 2
High Noon 2

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