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Hello ALICE l Version: 1.1 | Size: 18.46MB
Developers: FuzixX Inc. | Language: English

The fairy tale anyone knows - Alice in Wonder land!
It came back as a mobile shooting game with odd friends.
Hello ALICE is simple and easy enough to play with one hand, but SUPER FUN!!
◆ A completely new shooting experience!
Driving a dragon is so last season.
Lets fly with Alice in wonder land.
◆ Three main characters of Wonderland.
Alice used to be saying that using flamingos as a cricket racket is too mean.
But she rides them with no guilt now.
ALICE says " I don't remember me saying that. "
The card magician who is a master of gimmicks.
He steals money and items from the monsters using sleight of hand.
" I'm going to collect every single cards they have "
A cute scientist who loves carrots but be careful of him!
He is a super missile shooter.
" Have you seen a pocket watch with bent hand? "
More heroes are coming soon! Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, Captain Hook, etc.
◆ Compete with your rival, and rescue your friends.
Compete with your rival for weekly ranking and bonus.
Rescue your friends from the Card soldiers to get a bonus. (and your friends would really appreciate!!)
◆ Super items for a super record!
* Mystery cake - You wouldn't know what this is untill you try it.
* Electric shock - If you want to revive for a better record try this.
* The Heart Queen's drum which the card soldiers are scared of.
* The Rabbit's pocket watch to control time.
* The magic potion "DRINK ME"
* More magical items are coming soon.
◆ It is hard to choose among these five super pet friends.
* Have you seen the dove's pecking attack? Coo coo coo~
* The Dodo, knows what do do.
* The kitty collects every single penny, she must be a rich!
* I guess the piggy swallowed a super strong magnet!
* Duck!! Becuz the duck is going to bomb everything!
* The new pets are getting ready to play. (Crocodiles, frogs, mice, squirrels, parrots, etc)
◆ Coming soon- a new fairy tale land.

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