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Zombies Escape The Humans

Zombies Escape The Humans
Zombies Escape The Humans l Version: 1.0 | Size: 12.67MB
Developers: Dragon Slayer Entertainment LLC | Language: English

Zombies are mindless creatures but they can be smart enough to wipe out humans.
Though there are slowest and dumbest zombie class and some are fast and tricky. However, they tend to group together, where their absolute numbers can be just as overwhelming as speed and adaptability. They can outnumber humans; these monsters wander around aimlessly, waiting for victims to fall into their clutches.
Dead humans can't come back to life; certain viruses can provoke such aggressive, zombie-like behavior, a deadly virus that is spread rapidly through direct human contact.
The infected became hungry humans and driven by a greedy appetite to consume human flesh. One by one, more humans fall victim to the disease, triggering an epidemic that generates a horde of starving zombies.
The zombie group grows and spreads quickly as they bite humans and turns into a mindless monsters with cannibalistic tendencies.
This is the start of the zombie revenge!
Let's find out with this endless shooting game-Zombies escape the Humans.
Zombie Gameplay
The game objective is to destroy the human race to produce a race of monsters by turning humans into a mass of zombies!
Would you like to be one of them?
Take down enemy humans to increase the number of zombie hordes. Take out many humans as fast as you can.
Use your high powered sniper to fend off humans, then work your way through the base fixing barricades and upgrades to last longer in the game and increase your fire power.
You can start off with a handgun to shoot and work your way up to a sniper or an assault rifle.
Most importantly, reload your weapon.
Quickly draw your weapon against other gunslingers before they gun you down.
Play this challenging shooting game and take on humans.
Collect coins to upgrade to powerful weapons; guns, boosters, grenades, missiles.
Make use of zombie bites, zombie sniper and zombie attack.
Produce more zombie hordes to advance further.
These undead can stalk their prey so secretively that the victim won't even know they've been followed, hordes of undead will simply follow their human victims, moving at a steady walking pace, until the zombies teeth are buried in their neck.
Zombie will embrace its intended victim, and take a single bite from the target’s body.
The Zombies win when all humans have been bitten and turned into zombies while the humans win by surviving long enough for all of the zombies to starve.
See the rant and rave of different ZOMBIES!
Different weapons, melee, firearms, explosives...
Several characters, with different skills.
Items can be unlocked to get complete adventure.
A real time killer.
Intense zombie- HUMAN blasting action shooter gameplay!
Upgrade your weapons and fight for your life!
HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS and unique animations!
Play against your friends and beat their high scores!
Works excellent with both phones & tablets.
Full-screen move control.
Touch responsive controls
Game concept is simple
Easy to download and play
Zombies Escape the Humans is a non stop shooting game. This is not the frequent and accustomed zombie shooter game app. Experience a new concept of Zombie vs. Human continuos shooting game and witness the dangerous types of undead as they defend their clan!
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Zombies Escape The Humans
Zombies Escape The Humans
Zombies Escape The Humans

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