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Big Boss TV Tycoon

Big Boss TV Tycoon
Big Boss TV Tycoon l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 14.8MB
Developers: Rottz Games | Language: English

Manage your own TV Station! A novel game on Tycoon / Theme / Sim / Story genre.
Big Boss TV is a very complex business simulation game where your role is to get your TV station to the top. You have to buy tapes, schedule movies, sign advertisements contracts, get news stories, hire anchors, expand your transmission antennas*, and many more things.
It takes a while to learn how to play and master - the ad contracts will get you money to buy better movies, and with better movies you can get a higher audience. It's definitely NOT an easy task, requires a lot of strategy, time and dedication... are you the next television tycoon?
• EXPLORE: explore the building with several floors and rooms. Each city has a different building layout!
• COMPETITORS: 2 TV stations competes with you.
• DEEP GAMEPLAY: you will have hours of challenge on each match.
• REPLAY VALUE: 25 different matches: 4 easy, 9 medium and 12 hard!
• AUTO-SAVE: game is always automatically saved.
• NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS: the only available purchases are packs with more cities.
* Note on IAP: IAP is required to unlock bigger cities. On bigger cities you can have more than 1 antenna.
BBTV is an indie game available on Android only, I hope you enjoy it.
(Please Note: Big Boss TV is *NOT* related to the Indian TV show Bigg Boss)
Big Boss TV Tycoon
Big Boss TV Tycoon
Big Boss TV Tycoon

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