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Fish&Frost (Unreleased)

Fish&Frost (Unreleased)
Fish&Frost (Unreleased) l Version: 1.0 | Size: 29.16MB
Developers: Mixaill | Language: English

Fish & Frost is a winter fishing simulator. All who love fishing have to go to the ponds in search of a large fish. The game has three modes: missions, tournaments and battles. Players can also buy various gear, clothing and equipment. For the speed of movement in the game will be available winter equipment: snowmobiles, snowstorms and self-made all-terrain vehicles. The game allows you to fish as for alone, as with friends.

The demo includes.
- Mode "Tournament"
- Location of "lighthouse"
- Opponents
- Shop
- Russian / English languages
- 25 fish

How to play:
The demo version of the game contains only the "Tournament" mode
The player's task is to catch the maximum amount of fish in 8 minutes.
After a countdown with clicks, move the player to the ice. The "Drill" button allows you to drill in the specified place, after which you go to the scene with the hole.
IMPORTANT! Before fishing it is necessary to select an available tackle (3 tackles worth 100 coins are available.), We buy any (see what kind of fish this is on the bottom) and then press the "select" button. Gear is assigned, press the "coil" button the fishing line is unwound and it remains to wait for the bite. About the biting, the rod is cut, it starts to bend. We press on the fishing rod and sharply snipe up we carry out cutting of fish.
Congratulations! Continue fishing to save up for new gear and catch bigger fish. Yes, you can click on the fish to see what happens.
IMPORTANT! Watch the time to catch the base, otherwise you will not get your reward.
Fish&Frost (Unreleased)
Fish&Frost (Unreleased)
Fish&Frost (Unreleased)
Fish&Frost (Unreleased)

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