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Elastic car 2 (engineer mode)

Elastic car 2 (engineer mode)
Elastic car 2 (engineer mode) l Version: | Size: 19.5MB
Developers: RALIS-STUDIO | Language: English

As you have guessed, this game is a continuation of the most gorgeous games "Elastic car" that was designed for those who really appreciate the game with realistic physics. We have received great recognition from many users around the world who spoke about our game is very enthusiastic, it proves once again that our games have originality. Our many efforts were not in vain, we have developed a product that adore themselves in which we are happy to play. And as you can imagine, that is created with love can not be bad. We are sure many of you have already played in our (not yet fully developed), but has already gained a huge number of plants and a huge support from the players.

This game has become much more enhanced and functional thanks to the introduction of new technologies and best engineering solutions. High quality and great commitment to excellence, it is our aim, which in turn is reflected in our products.

We have developed this product focusing on the users' freedom of action to the player himself may change any characteristics of the car. We want to highlight these characteristics at the bottom, in order to emphasize the (many atomic expressed).

Body machine parameters.
1) Stiffness kuzova- this feature will allow you to change the rigidity of elasticity.
2) Stiffness amortizatsii- This function increases or decreases the power to mitigate shock when exposed to it.
3) Durability kuzova- function changes the ability of the car structure withstand without breaking.
4) Weight kuzova- function to change the physical force of impact pressure to the space vehicle.

car suspension settings.
1) The front springs (increase or decrease in the front suspension stiffness)
2) The rear spring (increase or decrease of the rear suspension stiffness)
3) Unwinding springs (increase or decrease in rigidity of the entire suspension damping)
4) Rigidity wheel rods function to change the thrust rods are attached to the vehicle suspension.

car engine parameters.
1) Power Engine feature allows to increase engine power.
2) Power aerokontrolya- aerokontrol this flight control when you air, increasing the value of this function increases (the force and angle speed auto).
3) Drag and drop auto (on-off) when the car can move.
4) Boat on cartels (on-off) the addition of artificial intelligence in the game (auto boat).
Damage simulator for Android game is an endless test drive Arcade

About vehicles in this game.
Each machine has unique characteristics, each car its own peculiarities. Incidentally, you can tune the car to improve strengthened. The total number of cars 18 (expect to increase this figure with each update). Basic tuning wheel sizes change, the replacement of the wheels on the cast.
Cars in the game are different, starting with the Russian American ending.
Lada Priora and so on.

Level Editor (Map editor-Level Editor)
In this game, there is also the opportunity to create their own maps. You can create your crash test to test the level of cars as you want.

The recent updates have added new Mercedes

So friends, the game is great, load it you will not regret. Please do not forget to leave feedback on our game.
Elastic car 2 (engineer mode)
Elastic car 2 (engineer mode)
Elastic car 2 (engineer mode)
Elastic car 2 (engineer mode)

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