Archipelagos l Version: 1.1 | Size: 7.91MB
Developers: Anthill Games Ltd. | Language: English

"The pacing and visualization of the bizarre game world make the experience more deeply immersive, better realized. Archipelagos' unique combination of strategy with an element of encroaching menace should have similar appeal to a certain set today as it did back in 1989" - 3.5 stars - TouchArcade
"3D classic. A little Minecraft before its time. At this price you've got very little to complain about." - PocketGamer
"This game from the late 80’s stands the test of time and will certainly attract a new audience looking for something unique and different to try out." - iGame Radio

Review scores for the ST/Amiga version:- 92% (The One), 84% (ST/Amiga Format), 9/10 (Atari ST User), and 90% (Zzap)

In Archipelagos you are floating just a metre above the ground, as if disembodied, amongst a group of islands known as an Archipelago. Scattered around the Archipelago are stones, and somewhere there is one special stone – the Obelisk. Embodied in the Obelisk, is the power that cleansed the Archipelago of humans in ancient times. And the blood of the ancient times still comes to stain the land surface.
- The classic game now updated for Android devices
- 100 levels of eerie gameplay
- Original score by David Whittaker
- Set in a surreal 3D landscape of oceans and islands
- Blood Eggs, Whirlwinds, Stones and Obelisks
Picture an island of palm and a tropical sea,
that’s where it is you’d like to be.
And if you wonder what’s behind that beach,
just a little out of reach,
just float there and you’ll know.
You could create an Archipelago!

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