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Chocolate Tycoon

Chocolate Tycoon
Chocolate Tycoon l Version: 1.0.7 | Size: 14.4 MB
Developers: Com2uS | Language: English

Help Cocoteenie make chocolates even Tyrant King Choco would crave for!
White, Milk, Dark and Gold Chocolate!! Satisfy the people of Choco Choco village and please King Choco with scrumptious bits of sheer richness. Move around stores and shops to sell and buy products! Purchase a chocolate mixer that combines your ingredients for Choki to make exquisitely delicious chocolate bits!
※ The game is saved on the device, not on the HUB. Saved data will not be recovered if you change devices or delete the game.
★★★ This game supports English, français, 한글, 中文 and 日本語. ★★★
★ Chocolate Mixers for Sale!
Mix and match ingredients with a tap and a touch to make your true gourmet chocolate. With 5 different chocolate mixers, try creating your own chocolate recipe!
★ Cute characters & Quality graphic!
13 cute and comical characters! Work in the daytime, and find more excitement in the night by doing things that can only be done after the sun sets.
★ My very own special Chocolate!!
DIY chocolate shape, decoration, syrup, and toppings!! Choose your own ingredients and design to share and trade them with other chocolatiers out there!!
★ Choki, the ‘chocolate monster’
Choki, a creature that makes chocolates when fed ingredients! Mate Chokis to get spoiled eggs and gold eggs! Once hatched, a Choki with extra powers is born to serve your customers.
★ Investment, the key to your business success!
Invest your gold coins at a store or shop that you believe will help you. Invested stores will provide more products for you to choose out of with a better price!
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Chocolate Tycoon
Chocolate Tycoon
Chocolate Tycoon
Chocolate Tycoon

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