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Cloud Castle: Build Kingdoms

Cloud Castle: Build Kingdoms
Cloud Castle: Build Kingdoms l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 23.75MB
Developers: Stockpile Studio | Language: English

Expand and protect your kingdom, equip your army, care for your kingdom and make your lords happy by discovering blueprints, enrich your empire with treasures, money, gold, silver, coin and crops.
PLAY OFFLINE! No Internet connection required.
Level up your castle and unlock new secret blueprints.
Build your kingdom up from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling capital city.
Play the Wheel of Mediocrity! Exciting quests await you!
Make your village wealthy, mine for gold and coal.
Forge the strongest swords, the most powerful weapons to fight dragons and find many hidden treasures.
Enjoy this Fun Medieval Simulation Game
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Build and decorate your very own sim city and collect medieval fighting defense weapons to landmark Cloud Castle.
Create towers to defend your castle from enemies and watch your population of settlers skyrocket as you build and uncover secret blueprints in Cloud Castle city story.
No more mysteryville, uncover mystery treasure chests, collect all hidden objects and expand Cloud Castle to the greatest kingdom in all the lands.

Go out there & make your village people happy! Forget about building hotels, cinemas, offices, bakeries, restaurants, animal parks, schools, libraries, museums, amusement parks and get ready for a hardcore medieval building game in Castle Island. Rule your knights and dragon empire!
In Cloud Castle, you must rebuild your castle after Lord Malicious destroyed it. Start new and work towards building the greatest kingdom in all the lands! Build forges and factories to create swords, armor, jewelry, furniture, and more to amass riches and gold! Discover new blueprints to create new types of items!
Invite your friends to your court to help each other amass more riches than imaginable and to build the greatest castles! Send them gifts to aid them in their quests and allow them to do the same! Log in with Facebook to show off you glorious kingdom!
"Better than most Zynga titles that try to do the same thing but fail, especially FarmVille."
"While many of you are busy with Rage of Bahamut, I'll spend my time building my Cloud Castle!"
"Cloud Castle seems like a Disney tale of heroes and triumph, which is a good thing in my book."
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Cloud Castle: Build Kingdoms
Cloud Castle: Build Kingdoms
Cloud Castle: Build Kingdoms

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