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Wheels of steel – 3D train sim

Wheels of steel – 3D train sim
Wheels of steel – 3D train sim l Version: 1.1 | Size: 38.21MB
Developers: VascoGames | Language:English

Get on the right track with wheels of steel – 3D train simulator. This free to play train simulator is the most fun and incredible 3D locomotive sim on android. This sim is crammed full with awesome features, controls and options so you will have an exciting train ride experience. Are you ready to drive some of your favorite trains in an incredible 3D setting? Pick up orders in one city, and deliver the good in the other city this way you earn money for so you are able to expend or upgrade you train collection.
Wheels of Steel – 3D Train Simulator isn’t quite what you would expect form a traditional 3D train simulator, this fun and exciting has simplified controls, simple push the controls to accelerate and decelerate your train. Select the right path at the railway junctions so you get your locomotive at the right destination. After arriving in the right railway station load or unload your cargo, collect your hard earned money and get ready to hit the railway track once again.
Wheels of steel – 3D train simulator game features:
- Upgrade your train
- Buy new trains to drive with
- Loads off different kind of cargo to deliver
- Pick out a fun and exciting cargo delivery mission
- Choose between different locomotive models to drive in.
- Lots of different routes
- Great virtual railway world
- Impressive and incredible graphics
Drive different trains, expand your train collection buy earning money so your train becomes bigger faster and stronger. So it’s full steam ahead with wheels of steel – 3D train simulator
This is a new android 3D Train Simulator, we hope you will enjoy to this cool new 3D Train Simulator game. To keep up-to-date about new levels and new trains that will be add please follow us on Facebook or Twitter!
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Wheels of steel – 3D train sim
Wheels of steel – 3D train sim
Wheels of steel – 3D train sim

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