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Little Empire v1.12.3

Little Empire v1.12.3
Little Empire l Version:1.12.3 | Size:17.74 MB
Developers:Camel Games | Language:English

World's first LBS (Location Based Services) mobile MMO game in 3D.
In the unique fantasy world of Little Empire, you will act as the hero of your own castle city. You will defend and expand it through challenges in the Arena, Adventure mode, and more until you’ve built a glorious empire of your very own.
The perfect hero system, rich unit formation system, and outstanding PvE and PvP gameplay provide for a compelling and engrossing game experience.
Little Empire v1.12.3

★Game Features★
●3 heroes to command an empire
Upon first entering the game, players can choose one of three heroes: an iron-toothed orc Behemoth, a dual blade-wielding Berserker, and a soul-destroying Succubus. Different heroes have different stats and equipment, so players can pick one to suit their preferred play style.
●12 unique unit types banded together in victory
The game features icy Mages, blue-skinned Trolls, elfin Archers, fierce wolf-riders, vengeful Archangels, and more for a total of 12 distinct unit types. Deploy units in concert with your hero for a total of over 60 million possible formations. Know that, thanks to the unit upgrade and technological research systems, there’s no strongest formation—only the stronger formation. Battles are thus unpredictable and challenging.
●10 Adventure chapters, 263 levels
Little Empire v1.12.3

Ne’erfrost Harbor, Evensnow City, Leafy Springs, Fire Valley, Snowcloak Cliff… These are just a few of the locations available in Adventure mode, with a total of 10 stages and 263 levels. Dragon cannons, ape berserkers, a magic dragon and more new enemies and bosses are awaiting your challenge! Additionally, magic spar, gems, and equipment fragments can be dropped as loot in Adventure mode levels!
●Pure 3D graphics with full-screen rotation
Little Empire uses all-3D graphics, providing 360 degree rotation and full zoom capabilities. The 3D models for the Magic Temple, Mech Lab, Wind Shrine, Magic Altar, Altar of Heroes, and other buildings will get your blood surging for your struggling empire, providing a panoramic 3D backdrop to the climactic PvP battle experience!

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