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Clickety Dog v1.0.2

Clickety Dog v1.0.2
Clickety Dog l Version:1.0.2 | Size:19.91 MB
Developers:Mosaic 2 Ltd | Language:English

Fun dog training simulation
Have fun training your own dog! Just as you would with a real dog, you'll teach it using rewards so it learns to respond to you. Then it's time to test your skills. You can enter obedience tests and agility competitions.
AGILITY BUG FIXED: if you experienced problems, our apologies. The current version has dealt with the issues highlighted by reviewers below, so please update now to carry on!
Can you bring home the cup? But take time to bond with your dog: unless you've trained it well, it may dash off after the first squirrel it sees!
✔ The only game to use real-life dog training methods.
✔ Use a click and a treat to teach your dog to sit, lie down, jump and even dance!
✔ Lure your dog using finger swipes to show it what you want
✔ Don’t expect good behaviour all the time – even the best trained dogs misbehave occasionally!
✔ Pet owners who have a clicker can use a real one picked up by the microphone
✔ Train up to eight dogs or share with family and friends
First teach your dog to respond to cues for a variety of actions. Then you can test your dog in front of expert judges before entering into cross-country events – take your dog over, under and around all manner of obstacles. Have you trained it well enough? You’ll both need quick responses to win top prizes! And, you’ll need to keep a look out for objects that mysteriously go missing – now who might have taken that shoe?
Clickety Dog v1.0.2
Clickety Dog v1.0.2

By playing Clickety Dog you will become familiar with a popular and effective method of training animals known as clicker training. Based on the psychological principle of positive reinforcement, trainers focus on what the animal is getting right and reward it. It’s a fun, kind and effective way to teach dogs and, best of all, it will help you build a relationship based on trust and confidence.
Because much of the game depends on the speed with which you react by clicking, we have provided you with a clicker practice area. You can use these additional mini-games at any time. This is exactly the kind of practice that clicker trainers would use in real life before training dogs or other animals. Use your on-screen or real clicker to see how high you can score by clicking at the exact time a ball hits the wall or watch real dogs performing and click for different actions.

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