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Big Win Basketball

Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball l Version: 3.1.2 | Size: 33.25 MB
Developers: Hothead Games | Language:English

Alley Oop!
From the opening tip off to the game winning jump shot, it’s a guaranteed slam dunk in Big Win Basketball. It doesn't matter if you are an NBA fan or cheer for your high school team, this is the basketball game for everyone. Drive the lane and rattle the rim!
CREATE your own unique dream team, COMPETE against opponents from around the world, WATCH your team battle it out on the court, BOOST your player’s shooting, passing, blocking and other skills, then get ready to win the Amateur and Pro trophies for the ultimate BIG WIN!
★ Full team and player customization allowing you to create your own fantasy team!
★ Open Bronze, Silver and Gold card packs to find new players, skill boosts to improve your team and collect other cards to stay at the top of the standings
★ Play game-changing Big Impact cards and watch them affect the outcome when the exciting action unfolds!
★ Earn coins and Big Bucks by playing games, leveling up and winning the trophy competitions so you can open more card packs
★ Charity Stripe
★ Ball Swatter
★ Cashing In Dimes
★ Sixth Sense
★ Rainmaker
★ Breaking Ankles
★ Pick Pocket
★ Offensive Glass
★ and many more…
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Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball

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