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Dynamite Golf

Dynamite Golf
Dynamite Golf l Version: 1.9 | Size: 15.6MB
Developers: colivision | Language: English

What is that one thing your always missing when playing a game of mini golf... Explosive power to blast your way through the course.
"Play super sized mini golf courses with puzzle like interactive features."
"Unlock dynamite and guns to shoot the ball, when the golf club just doesn't cut it."
"Gain several abilities to reach the ultimate score, such as bombs, ice and ant-gravity balls."
"Use various means to travel through the course, like roller coasters, portals, flying saucers, rockets, and giant slides."
"Avoid obstacles throughout the courses or use them to your advantage to complete the course, such as giant ice taps, exploding barrels, flippers and laser sighted bombs."
This game offers several hours of challenging gameplay, where you constantly earn better tools for completing the levels. Abilities gained throughout the game, can also be used on previous courses to increase your score.
- 18 unique holes to complete in 3D graphics.
- 6 different environments that interacts with the courses.
- Gain new abilities as you progress through the game.
- Easy controls, just point and shoot.
Enjoy this fantasy world of action packed mini golf, where timing, precision and your explosive expertise will determine your success.
Dynamite Golf
Dynamite Golf
Dynamite Golf

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